Spoiler: A Tribute To True Blood's Latest Victim

If you haven't seen last night's episode of True Blood, now would be a good time to click on a different article, while sticking your fingers in your ears and humming "la la la." Don't go blaming us if you happen to stumble upon a spoiler — we gave you fair warning.
All set? Okay, good. Those of you who did catch the show last night are no doubt grieving over the loss of Alcide, the werewolf and Sookie-lover blessed with abs of steel, excellent hair, and a closet full of flannel. The heartthrob died in Sookie's arms after being shot by a mob of humans. Yes, it's the show's last season, but the death of such an incredible body character still stings.
Kick off your mourning by perusing this tribute to some of Alcide's greatest moments. Joe Manganiello may no longer be with you on Sunday nights, but he'll always be in your heart. (Oh, and fairly NSFW, by the way.)

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