Miley Cyrus & Her Leggy Bodysuits Are Coming To A TV Near You

On the evening of July 6 (that's tonight), anyone with access to a television and NBC can spend a couple of hours with America's resident champion twerker, Miley Cyrus. The circus acid-trip that is the Bangerz tour has received the documentary treatment. And, Cyrus is here to remind you that she's the ringleader; she calls the shots. (Yes, that was a Britney Spears reference, but I can't help myself.)
The minute-long trailer focuses on Cyrus' relationship with her fans. "I feel like they think that I'm some sort of leader, and I'm giving them kind of the push to go forward," Cyrus says in a voiceover. She then struts around in feathers, as all leaders should.
However, the lack of marijuana paraphernalia is a bit alarming considering this is a Miley Cyrus special. Perhaps things will get hazier sometime during the two-hour spectacle. Enough with the what ifs, though: The truth is that the weekend will be complete just as long as she does her honorary national anthem, "Party In The U.S.A." (Huffington Post)

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