Becky G's "Shower" Is 2014's "Friday"

There are so many things going on in 17-year-old Becky G's music video for "Shower." This song should drive you up a wall. It should beg you to question your own human existence and what the world has come to. But, it doesn't.
In a true example of Illuminati triumph, Becky G has done for 2014 what Carly Rae Jepsen did for 2012 with "Call Me Maybe" and Rebecca Black did for 2011 with "Friday." She bestowed upon us this year's "why can't I stop listening to this song" song. It's so easy. You want your music taste buds to be above it, but, like "Call Me Maybe," you can't turn it off. When with friends, you'll likely scoff and roll your eyes if it comes on. When alone, in the car or, uh, the shower, you'll probably sing along with the gusto of an opera singer.
Accept your fate. This is no red- or blue-pill kind of situation. It's going to happen because "Shower" was written that way. Plus, there's an excellent use of the pan flute around the 2:30 mark that puts Celine Dion's recorder in "My Heart Will Go On" to shame.

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