Here’s Proof That Nickelback Is Bad For You

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This is either the lamest drug bust of all time, or two guys have engineered the perfect excuse for getting out of legal disputes. And, unfortunately for fans of tepid Canadian yawn-rock, it comes at the expense of Nickelback.
On June 20, two deputies with Idaho's Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office stopped two men outside a gas station when one of the officers overheard one of the men say, "Yeah, nickel sack for sure" after stepping out of a van, wad of cash in hand. Suspecting a drug deal was in progress, the police took action.
But, according to the men (one of whom filmed the encounter) the misheard quote was in reference to Nickelback, not weed, claiming a car had recently pulled out of the station while loudly playing Chad Kroeger's finest.
“No, Nickelback," one man explained to the officers. "That guy was blaring Nickelback. There was no nickel sack involved.”
The response? "He’s talking about drugs," one deputy said. "He’s not talking about Nickelback. We’re not born yesterday. That’s a bullshit story. He said nickel sack.”
One of the deputies wound up pulling his weapon on one of the suspects, who was later cuffed. Ultimately, the men were allowed to leave the gas station, and no charges have been filed. The officers, meanwhile, are still on duty, though their sheriff's office admits the situation was "pretty negative."
Watch the video below to see a portion of the bewildering encounter. And, remember, kids: Friends don't let friends listen to Nickelback. (New York Daily News)
Video: courtesy of YouTube.

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