Here’s Your July Netflix Roundup

Thelma__LouisePhoto: Courtesy of MGM.
We're not going to tell you how to spend your summer. That's your parents' job, not ours. But, if you feel like spending the gorgeous months ahead with a laptop in your face, binge-watching your favorite movies, who are we to judge? In fact, we're even willing to help. There's a whole whack of new and exciting stuff coming to Netflix this July, and we've got your first look.
If you haven't seen Ridley Scott's classic Thelma & Louise, first seek immediate medical attention, then watch it. Watch it for its heartbreaking story of female empowerment. Watch it for its gorgeous desert vistas. Watch it because young Brad Pitt. Watch it.
Paul Thomas Anderson's operatic opus The Master starring Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his last (and finest) performances is also on demand. It's kind of about Scientology, but it's also kind of not. Check it out and see what we mean.
Since both those movies end on a bit of a sad note, try Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas to lift your spirits. While the tale of an outsider who kidnaps Santa may sound a bit morbid, the stop-motion film is actually quite uplifting, thanks to a series of rousing song-and-dance spectacles. There's also a lot snow, and if you don't have AC, a winter movie might be just the thing to cool you off.
Other movies available this month are:

Bad Santa
Christmas With The Kranks
Love Actually
Primal Fear
Dead Man Walking
The Karate Kid
The Karate Kid II
The Karate Kid III
Under The Tuscan Sun
In Bruges
Winnie The Poo Springtime With Roo
The Parent Trap
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
Robin Hood
Legends of The Fall
Out of The Furnace
Thelma & Louise
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Master

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