Demi Lovato’s New Video Will Make A Lovatic Outta You

Demi Lovato is an unsung hero of pop. She continually puts out solid material and seems to be, from an outsider's perspective, one of the more grounded Hollywood starlets. While her peers make headlines for scandals and milquetoast tunes, Lovato has risen above the fray and emerged a true leader. And, her "Really Don't Care" video is a testament to that.
Filmed during the Los Angeles Pride parade, Lovato solidifies her role as an LGBTQ warrior. "Really Don't Care," one of the singles off her 2013 LP Demi, has gone from breakup anthem to a "Born This Way"-style celebration. The video champions equality and difference without actually calling the "other" out. This is a personal empowerment track — one that encourages self-confidence and taking control.
Blame it on the My Little Pony streaks in her hair or the prideful mood that's in the June air, but Lovato's latest has the power to turn even the most ardent of doubters (like this here author) into Lovatics. Just give in already. A little empowerment never hurt anyone.

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