Ditch The Gym For Your Best Workout Ever

horizantalPhotographed By Ashley Batz.
By the time summer hits, we’re desperate to ditch the indoors and soak up some sunlight. Why would you limit your workouts to stay within four walls — especially if you already spend all day inside at your workplace? Our friends at Shape are on our page. They’ve rounded up the ultimate outdoor workouts, for beginners and fitness buffs alike.
Among our favorites is the good old-fashioned hike: Unlike running on a treadmill, hiking will challenge every leg muscle you’ve got thanks to the unpredictable terrain. Beyond the bodily benefits, a hiking trip can reconnect you with natural world and provide the same calming benefits as meditation or yoga.
We're also into the “sprint triathlon”: A 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike ride, and 5-kilometer run is challenging without being daunting. And, finally, if you’ve always had nascent surfer-chick aspirations, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a lesson and dive in — just try practicing your pop-up on dry land before you enter the waves. Click through for the ultimate summer workout bucket list. (Shape)