Elizabeth Olsen Seduces Her Man In This Exclusive Clip From Very Good Girls

Summer in New York can get hot. Like, really hot. Sometimes, it gets so hot that you need to climb into an oven just to cool down. When the whole oven thing doesn't work, ice cream is a far more traditional way to get some relief from the heat. That's the route Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning take in their upcoming movie Very Good Girls. The only problem is that the boy who sells them the cool treat is hot, so flirting with him feels natural — even if he's not exactly receptive.
Despite what this exclusive new clip from the film suggests, Very Good Girls is not about two best friends trying to stay cool in the sweltering summer heat. It's about two best friends who are intent on losing their virginities before going away to college. That's where hot-ice-cream guy (Boyd Holbrook) comes in. A steamy love triangle no doubt ensues. So, yeah, if you plan on staying cool this summer, don't go see Very Good Girls, which is available on VOD now, and in select theaters July 25.

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