Should You Force Yourself To Do Exercise You Hate?

horizontalPhotographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Chances are, there are some exercises or workouts that you just can’t stand. Maybe you avoid certain gym machines like the plague; maybe (despite your best intentions) you can’t remember the last time you graced a yoga class with your presence. But, is it actually important to push yourself to do physical activities you don’t enjoy — in hopes of achieving maximum fitness?
As our friends at Shape point out, you may try a routine that revolves around workouts you hate, but you won't likely stick with it for long. Training yourself to crave exercise through activities that bring you joy is key to long-term fitness. That said, it’s imperative to create a mix of moves that promote strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility.
For example, even if pumping iron isn’t your thing, fit in some bodyweight exercises before or after you pound the pavement (or treadmill). Remember: Adults who don’t strength-train lose about a half pound of muscle per year. Head over to Shape for the full story on crafting a well-balanced, dread-free routine. (Shape)

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