Laura Prepon & Jason Biggs Reminisce About All The Cocaine

At this point, sitting down with Orange Is The New Black's Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs is a little tough. Clearly they aren't Alex Vause and Larry Bloom, but after spending hours consisting on nothing (and we do mean nothing) other than their story lines and drama, it's hard not to regard them with a little weariness. Which, obviously is not their fault. Or, it is, because both of them have so thoroughly shed the roles we previously associated them with — for Prepon, Donna on That '70s Show, and for Biggs, pie-loving Jim on American Pie — to take on their now-iconic roles in the runaway Netflix dramedy. Thankfully, however, the duo are nothing like their less-than-appealing fictional counterparts.
These two have one key thing in common, though: the '90s. Both of them rose to fame pre-millennium, and, in fact, have been friends for a long time — as Jason explains, he was almost cast in That '70s Show. My, think of how different everything would have been...

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