The Latest Service For The Truly Lazy

CoinsAndCash01_RockieNolanPhotographed by Rockie Nolan.
We're the first to admit we have some slacker tendencies. Seamless is our best friend when we can't pull ourselves off the couch to whip up dinner. TaskRabbit is there for us every time we can't assemble something from IKEA. But, there's a new start-up that's daring us to take our laziness to new heights — a service that delivers quarters for doing laundry.
Washboard will mail you rolls of quarters, so you'll never be at a loss for change on laundry day again. There's even a gauge to tell you how much you should order depending on your laundromat's prices and the amount of loads you do per month. Here's the catch: It's $27 for $20 worth of silver. That's paying $7 for money you are going to use. We can just hear the coins clinking down the drain.
What we find most confusing about this enterprise is its target customer base. What person would pay for coins to be snail-mailed to them, but would not avail themselves of a wash-and-fold service that just handles all the steps involved in doing laundry? And, last time we checked most laundromats come with change machines. Have piggy-banks gone extinct? While we highly doubt this will catch on, the company already seems to have one fan (according to its site). Cassidy, a pet-care specialist, says, "Knowing I have $20 worth of quarters in my quarters jar makes throwing in a load of laundry any time I want so much less stressful." Because reaching into one's jeans pockets for loot is really debilitating to the nerves. Oh, the pressure.

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