Even Pearl Jam Is Covering “Let It Go”

1eddiemainPhoto: REX USA/Adam Smith.
You don't know any kids, have outgrown animated films, and didn't watch the Oscars. You'd think that would offer you a safe little bubble in which Frozen, and more specifically, "Let It Go," do not exist. Unfortunately, even Pearl Jam is conspiring against you.
The Seattle rockers were performing in Italy on Friday when they decided to shake things up. During an extended version of their hit "Daughter," Eddie Vedder segued into "Let It Go," giving the song a deep, growly remix. This from the band whose idea of a kid song used to be "Jeremy."
Thankfully, the grunge giants resisted the urge to follow up their Disney moment with a cover of "Happy." Let it be known, however, that seemingly no place is safe from the Idina Menzel Web of Whimsy.
Watch the video below to see the performance. Has Vedder gone soft on us? (Gawker)
Video: Courtesy of YouTube.

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