Living In Your Car Is Now Legal In L.A.

rexusa_790765a-embedPhoto: West Coast Surfer/MoodBoard/ REX USA
Thinking of living in a van down by the river à la Chris Farley's famous SNL character? Well, now you can legally. A Los Angeles court overturned a 1983 law on Thursday banning Angelenos from living in their cars. MSN reports, "The court said the law was unconstitutional because its ambiguous wording does not make clear what conduct would constitute a violation."
The case was brought about after four people were cited on suspicion of living in their RVs and cars in Venice. According to MSN, the previous law was so broad that one of the plaintiffs was even cited "while waiting outside a church that served meals."
Judge Harry Pregerson said the 1983 law was also discriminatory against the homeless and poor. "The city of Los Angeles has many options at its disposal to alleviate the plight and suffering of its homeless citizens," he wrote. "Selectively preventing the homeless and the poor from using their vehicles for activities many other citizens also conduct in their cars should not be one of those options."
So, let's hear it from you: Are you for or against this new law? (MSN)

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