Taylor Swift Has A New Kitten With A Badass Name

Ellen Page is pretty awesome at naming pets, but Taylor Swift just might be better. Case in point: She's just christened her new kitten Olivia Benson. (Apparently, Mariska Hargitay just doesn't trip quite so easily off the tongue.)
The singer, who is clearly a devout fan of Law & Order: S.V.U., showed off her adorable new pet on Instagram yesterday. The white-furred feline is a tiny little thing with baby-blue eyes. But, she's not the only kitty in Swift's life.
Swift's O.G. cat is the equally precious Meredith, named for Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy fame. According to her Twitter account, Meredith is none too pleased about having a younger feline around the house. "Love me too pls?" Oh, Mer.
We know all too well what it's like to have to compete with some shiny new plaything/pesky baby brother/backup cat, so we've decided to help Meredith work through her sibling-rivalry issues with a little "It's all about you" slideshow. Hopefully, these two will end up like Benson and Stabler, or Meredith and Cristina, or whatever. Until then, behold Meredith's best only-child moments. (Us Weekly)

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