T.I. & Iggy Azalea's "No Mediocre" Makes Us Feel Things

Say what you want about T.I., but the guy's got a good sense of timing. If you're going to shoot a music video in Brazil and talk about your balls, it totally makes sense to debut it during the World Cup.
Rap-music videos aren't always the best proponents of feminism, and "No Mediocre," featuring Iggy Azalea, is no different. Before we get into that, though, let's highlight what's good about the video, which just dropped yesterday. For starters, Iggy continues to be awesome, dropping Whitney Houston shout-outs and oozing "bad bitch" self-confidence. And, in lieu of the standard backup dancers, the video features a fair amount of body diversity, with muscular women kicking soccer balls.
Now, the cons. The entire premise of the song is how T.I. doesn't want to get with any women he deems only "mediocre." For point of clarification, "mediocre" means not wearing heels or doing your hair, having a "bush," and settling for a Jag when you could have a Benz. He wants a "bad bitch" with attitude, a pretty face, and a "fat ass."
The video — which ends with the rapper pulling a model by her hair — has already landed T.I. in a Twitter fight with Azealia Banks. After Banks made a jibe about T.I.'s wife being mediocre, he shot back that she was a "syphilis-lipped-rectum" who had better watch her step.
People may not look to rap music for insight into women's issues, but having an ex-con school us on how to look isn't helping.
And, this, folks, is why "Mediocrity Rules."
Video: Courtesy of VEVo.

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