5 Celebs Beating The Paps At Their Own Game

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The paparazzi are not the most beloved members of the entertainment industry, even though many of us are guilty of loving their photos. These photographers can be ruthless and selfish, stopping at next to nothing to get the perfect shot of Mila Kunis walking her dog or Jennifer Lawrence doing, well, anything. And, then there are the downright scary tactics they use to score precious snaps of children. But, as with most things in life, the celeb/pap dynamic isn't always tense.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's recent shenanigans are a great reminder that some stars are pretty good at making light of an aggravating (and sometimes dangerous) situation. While there's no doubt that the pap system could use an overhaul, it can't hurt to marvel at some of the lighter moments once in a while.
Ryan Gosling
Leave it to Gosling to turn what could be a super annoying lunch intrusion into an adorable children's game. When a gang of photogs snuck up on him dining solo at NYC's Peels restaurant, the actor decided to have a little fun. In the end, everyone won — Gosling expressed his annoyance without going overboard, and the paps got material that was way better than awkward eating shots.
Daniel Radcliffe
While Radcliffe was in London starring in Equus, he was hounded by paparazzi night after night on the way out of the theater. So, he devised a clever trick. The actor wore the same outfit for days on end, to make every pap pic look identical. After a few weeks, they left him in peace.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
There was a time when dear JGL wasn't nearly as famous or beloved as he is today. It was during that period (2006, to be exact), that a couple of not-so-nice photographers decided to harass the poor guy. But, ever the gentleman, he handled it in the classiest of ways.
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Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield
Yesterday wasn't the first time the couple has made signs for the paparazzi. Two years ago, Stone and Garfield discovered they had company during yet another meal, and used the publicity to give shout-outs to Gilda's Club and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.
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Hugh Jackman
Sometimes, the charity actually goes the other way around, with the paparazzi doing a good deed. Hugh Jackman was on the receiving end of this goodwill when a group of photogs, who had been snapping him on the beach, helped him track down his lost son. As he told an Australian news site, he was swimming with son Oscar at Bronte Beach in Sydney, when the boy went missing and Jackman went into a panic. Luckily, the paps located Oscar in a nearby tree. "I've never been so happy to have paparazzi follow me," he explained to the site. "I said: 'Whatever you need.'"

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