Kourtney Kardashian Made Out With An OITNB Star

Orange Is The New Black is all about the plot twists. So, maybe it's not actually all that surprising to find out that one of its stars cut her teeth in arguably the most drama-building, volatile mediums there is: the reality show.
In a 2009 episode of Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Kourtney Kardashian can be seen making out with a new female pal. That pal just happens to be Jackie Cruz, who now plays Flaca, the eyeliner-wearing, Smiths-obsessed inmate on OITNB. Small world, hmm?
"She kind of like, gets you, and like, has this spell, almost," Kardashian, who is now pregnant with her third child, said of Cruz at the time. The two met at a Miami art class during the show's filming.
Alas, their girl-on-girl kiss in a nightclub ended in regret, not romance. "I’m so embarrassed," Kardashian said. "I can never talk to this girl again. Jackie is calling me nonstop, and I’m so embarrassed I made out with her. I did not mean to lead her on."
In a 2011 interview, Cruz said that she and Kardashian were still on good terms. "Kourtney is such a sweet person, and yes we are still friends. Now and then we text each other to see how we are both doing."
Does this mean she can pull some strings and get Kardashian a third-season cameo? Exes have a strange way of resurfacing in ol' Litchfield. (Daily Mail)
Video: YouTube.

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