Cara Delevingne Wants To Be A Rock Star

rexusa_2086298boPhoto: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Is Cara Delevingne finally ready to share her mad drumming skills with the world?
In an interview with The Guardian, the model/actress revealed her desire to embark on a third career: rock star.
"If I've made a fair bit of money or whatever, I can stop [modeling] and I'll do music," the 21-year-old Brit said. "I will cut six months out of the year to make an album. That's the point. I can't just here and there do recording sessions, you've got to stop and you get rid of everything, all the shit that's going on around you and actually lock yourself away and do it...And, that's what I'd fucking love to do."
Though the Burberry campaign star has plenty of musical pals (Rihanna, Rita Ora) to work with, she told the paper that pop isn't her thing. She described her musical style as "quite jazzy, quite soulful...My voice is very husky. It's always about emotions. Well, usually anyway. I'm just not into happy-clappy pop. Unless it's happy-clappy pop in a good way."
Delevingne can play the guitar in addition to the drums, and even recorded with American Idol creator Simon Fuller in her early days of modeling. She also hit up a recording studio last fall, so a Beyoncé-style secret album isn't completely out of the realm of possibility.
Maybe she can go on tour with Gisele? (Guardian)

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