Ryan Gosling Did NOT Have A Baby

UPDATED: Teespring has issued a statement about the misleading Gosling rumors: "The Teespring campaign in question has been officially canceled and pulled down from the site with refunds issued in full to all of the buyers. The seller violated key points in Teespring’s terms of services as it included an unverified charity and solicited a giveaway. Teespring apologizes for any inconvenience the campaign may have caused during this time."
Hey, girl. You've been had.
Clearly confusing April Fool's Day with Father's Day, a prankster convinced hundreds of thousands of Ryan Gosling fans that the actor once spent an entire year raising a child. Yesterday, a fan page (read: not official) for the Canadian heartthrob shared the post, purportedly from Gosling himself.
The story, with its accompanying photo of Gosling clutching an adorable, anonymous infant, was like catnip to the star's legions of fans. By night's end, the post had nearly 900,000 Likes, with comments like "My ovaries just exploded" and "God bless you Ryan for stepping up." And, then, people started to get suspicious.
So, here's the deal. Ryan Gosling, to the best of our knowledge, has never been a father or taken in a precious orphan like some sort of hipster Daddy Warbucks. Similar posts have been featured on fan pages for celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock, the latter of whom did adopt a child, son Louis, but not in the way portrayed.
Clicking the link included at the bottom of the post sends you to a page where Gosling fans can buy a T-shirt and win a chance to meet the actor. According to the crowd-funded site, proceeds from the shirt sales "go toward Orphanage Home Foundation." Guess what turns up when you google Orphanage Home Foundation? Nothing.
The shirt's logo, incidentally, is "Young, Wild & Free" — a fairly inappropriate slogan for anything connected to an orphanage. Yay, orphans! So young. So wild. So free.
Teespring, the site selling the shirts, has yet to respond to a request for comment. In the meantime, we're sorry to say that your ovaries exploded for no good reason.

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