Lena Dunham Performed As Sia Last Night & It Was Kinda Weird

You can't accuse Sia of phoning it in during last night's Late Night With Seth Meyers. Well, technically you could, since the singer spent her entire performance lying face-down on a bunk bed. But, surely tapping Lena Dunham to do the work for her counts as some sort of oddly entertaining, weird stroke of mad genius?
Decked out in an all-white outfit and a bobbed blonde wig, it was the Girls star, not Sia, who commanded the stage as the newly engaged crooner's song "Chandelier" played. Mixing Elaine Benes dance moves with a few playful twirls and erratic Mime Academy gestures, Dunham gamely performed an interpretative dance that no doubt had a few late-night viewers scratching their heads. But, hey: art.
The skit ended with Dunham climbing into bed with her horizontally prone pal, who didn't so much as lift her head. Unless, of course, that was just another Sia look-alike and the real deal was singing live backstage. Who knows?
As wacky as her performance was, Dunham came off looking like a good sport. Anyone else tempted to hire this girl next time you're struck with performance anxiety or battling the flu/cramps/overwhelming malaise? (The Wrap)
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