Katy Perry & Chelsea Handler Talk Boys & Booze

1cosmo2Photo: Matt Jones/Cosmopolitan.
Katy Perry is one step closer to achieving world domination...in media, at least. Perry will cover Cosmopolitan's first-ever global issue, which means a whopping 62 international editions will carry the green-haired chanteuse's image.
To celebrate, the magazine has upped the stakes by tapping Chelsea Handler to interview the "Roar" singer about her favorite topics: men and alcohol. Genius, much?
“I don’t think I’ve ever drunk a drink before I’ve got on stage," Perry told the E! host. "But, I always have one waiting for me when I get off stage — a glass of Champagne. It’s a real dance with the devil: learning how to be professional and have a celebratory time. In your late 20s you’re trying to figure out what your drinks are and if they agree with you and your blood type. I definitely black out on whisky so I don’t drink it anymore. Champagne usually gives everybody a headache, but I can have, like, five glasses and be completely fine.”
Click on to see what Perry has to say about her love life.
1cosmoPhoto: Matt Jones/Cosmopolitan.
Admitting that there are "500 bitches behind me who will snatch my weave off my head if I don't kick-ball-change through this two-hour show," Perry also opened up to Handler about her love life. (For those keeping track at home, the former Mrs. Russell Brand recently split from John Mayer and is reportedly dating Diplo.)
“I guess I happen to be attracted to high-frequency men," she said. "A lot of therapy has happened [her divorce] and a lot of understanding and growth. Sometimes you have to go through all this shit to get your grips on life, and figure out what your next boundaries in your love life and world are going to be. You have to go through the mud in order to find that peaceful place. In the long run, it was necessary for me to have more of a teammate.”
Sounds like a plan. Now, who out there isn't wishing this interview was immediately followed by a raucous night on the town with two of Hollywood's coolest gals?
The full interview appears in the July issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale June 3, and is also available in digital edition on Apple Newsstand. (Cosmopolitan)

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