DIY Your Own Boozy Slushies

slide1Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Instagram trends are often over just as soon as the double-tapping begins. The latest case: Phrosties, an anonymous alcohol-slushie delivery service in New York City that just got shut down by the government. Customers could text a number posted on the Instagram account and an order of mysterious, boozy, frozen beverages would arrive within two hours. They came in flavors like Blue Hawaiian, Dragonberry Colada, La Phiesta, and Hero and retailed at $10 a plastic bottle. Grubstreet described it as "frozen Kool-Aid, mixed with Red Bull and spiked with 150-proof Everclear."
We admit we were a bit bummed we didn't get to order one in time. So, we consulted the bartenders at the Zombie Hut in Brooklyn for ingredients to make our own summertime slush. Just remember to drink responsibly — it's quite powerful. R29 health and wellness director Kelley Bourdet said it's, "Acrid, VERY strong, definitely drunk-inducing in small quantities, and tastes much like an Orange Julius." Yep, Phrostie mission accomplished.
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slide2Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.

The Orange Fever
Serving: approximately three small bottles

2 1/2 cups sherbet ice cream
4.5 oz gold rum
4.5 oz silver rum
1 package frozen pineapple juice
1 package frozen orange juice
8 fl oz Rose's grenadine syrup

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into plastic or glass bottles. Freeze for several hours for slushie perfection.

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