Tina Fey Was Basically Liz Lemon In College (Here's The Pic To Prove It)

1Photo: Via Reddit.
Leave it to Reddit users to unearth quite possibly the most hilarious, most awesome photo of the summer. Over the weekend, this snap of Tina Fey surfaced on the networking site with almost no explanation whatsoever. But, when a picture is this good, words will hardly do it justice.
The photo, which was reportedly taken during the comedian's college years, went viral on Reddit almost immediately. It appears to portray Fey showing off a fresh injury (a shot, perhaps?), while she models what is probably the most '80s-tastic ensemble of all time. The curly bouffant! The wild eyebrows! The dress that could have been cut from the same material as her grandmother's sofa!
It's all so completely awesome and so completely Liz Lemon. It's safe to say that based on this photo alone, her Lemon-ness would be proud to call Tina her alter ego. But, really, what else does one expect from Tina Fey, the queen of endearingly awkward comedy? (Reddit)

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