Treadmill Vs. Elliptical: Which Is The Better Workout?

IMG_4326_JensIngvarssonPhotographed By Jens Ingvarsson.
If you're at all familiar with our fitness content, you know that taking the easy way out is nowhere to be found on our list of suitable workout philosophies. That said, we know you're very busy — so busy that prioritizing gym time isn't always possible. Often, it's all about maximizing the time you do have by choosing exercises and routines that provide the best workout in the least amount of time.
In this same spirit of efficiency, Women's Health has broken down the difference in burn between an elliptical session and a jog on the treadmill. Of course, many of us would assume that the treadmill is the hands-down winner. After all, it's higher impact and a more difficult workout in general.
But, according to trainer Holly Perkins, the question is not that simple. In fact, depending on the resistance, the elliptical can produce a bigger burn than that dreaded conveyor belt. As with any workout, of course, the key is to get your heart rate as high as possible. As long as you push yourself, your workout will be effective — no matter what machine you're using.
Click over to Women's Health for more tips on maximizing your workout.

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