The New Jupiter Ascending Trailer Might Creep You Out

There's been a lot of buzz around Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowskis siblings' futuristic action flick starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. And, the newest trailer, which was just released, is only building the anticipation.
The 90-second clip is full of sweeping shots of otherworldly locations, mysterious science labs, and epic fight scenes between what are probably aliens. There's also the slightly chilling effect of Tatum's bizarre space getup — flying skateboard, bare chest, pointy ears, goatee, man-liner, and all. (Kunis seems to have lucked out in the hair and makeup department, since she basically looks normal.)
This latest trailer shows audiences creepy shots of the movie's mysterious Men In Black-esque villains and also gives a good look at the evil king played by Eddie Redmayne. All in all, it's definitely nightmare-inducing. Watch it below, but remember: You've been warned.

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