Butt Facials! Now That We’ve Got Your Attention…

butt_slideIllustrated by Sydney Hass.
You can thank Kim Kardashian and her butt selfies, or "belfies," for this one. A salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is offering butt facials for guys and gals who are looking to make their bums pretty in time for bikini season, according to Styleite. Its official title? The "Shiney Hiney." (Can we just say, there are so many missed opportunities for names here. What about the Rad Rear? Or, the Terrific Tush? Or, the Bodacious Booty?)
The procedure came about when clients started complaining that their booties were riddled with acne. Individuals are given some serious exfoliation, followed by a peel, and finished with a tush steam. The facial lasts about 30 minutes and will set you back about $65.
Look, we understand that a lot of us want to look our best before strutting around the beach practically naked. But, the idea of someone steaming and peeling our backside in an attempt to make it as smooth as our face is just too weird for words. Just grab a dry brush and some body oil, folks. You'll get great results — no weird interactions with your aesthetician required.
So, is the belfie to blame for this sudden need to give our booties the spa treatment? We're hoping the desire to make your derrière look its best on social media isn't the real motivation to shell out some cash. Also, who's looking at your butt that closely that they're going to notice a tiny bump here and there? Maybe we're going to the wrong beaches... (Styleite)

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