Shailene Woodley’s Entire Life Fits In A Carry-On Suitcase

Out of the 365 days we were so humbly gifted last year, Hollywood's resident woodland fairy creature Shailene Woodley spent 15 of them at home. So, she humbly gave her Los Angeles house to her grandmother in exchange for clay diets and backpacking forest adventures.
Actually, scratch the whole backpack part of her forest adventures and substitute it with a single carry-on suitcase and "literally friend's couches." Since bestowing her house to her G-Ma, Woodley is essentially homeless and confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that her entire life can be contained in a carry-on suitcase. That life being a single pair or jeans, an incoherent number of leggings, tank-tops, and a computer. Woodley was also without a phone, but The Fault In Our Stars people saw a fault in her lack of reachability and gave her a temporary one with the number taped on the back. It's "kind of hilarious," she says.
What's even more hilarious is the fact that, despite her carry-on luggage/nut-foraging lifestyle, Woodley still manages to show up to events in a different outfit every time. The way this author sees it, we are left to draw one of three conclusions:
— Like her "kind of hilarious" cellphone, Woodley is borrowing outfits on behalf of The Fault In Our Stars press people.
— Woodley's carry-on bag is actually Mary Poppins' bag and expands infinitely to hold her entire life.
— Woodley is trolling us all with these Free People-like anecdotes.
You be the judge. (Gawker)

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