Sofia Richie Isn’t The Only Cool Little Sister In Hollywood

Nicole Richie's little sister, like all little sisters, is a shrewd girl. Not only did Sofia Richie bestow upon us a gem of an Instagram featuring her lilac-tinted sibling, she sent us down a dark, twisted, if-only-I-was-that-cool-then hole of other why-wasn't-I-that-cool-at-that-age celebrity little sisters.
Seriously, though, there ain't nothin' more aggravatingly pleasurable than realizing your favorite celebrities have equally awesome younger siblings. Ancient sisterhood folklore has said that the limit to just how much coolness is passed down through genetics is infinite. (The limit does not exist!) It is what the kids do with such gifts that counts. And, in this day and age, anything — even being a supermodel at an age before one could essentially be drafted — is possible. The following sisters are not the work of Maybelne, honey. These girls were all born with it.

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