Miley Cyrus' Knee Is Seth Rogen

There are few things in this world as wonderfully un-seeable as Miley Cyrus' Seth Rogen knee. (Well, that and Tom Cruise's left-of-center front teeth.) Miley's majestic patella is a beguiling body phenomenon so fresh in the zeitgeist that science has yet to come up with a proper name for it.
Luckily, a member of Law & Order: SPU (that's Special Patella Unit) explained how to manifest the Rogen Knee. Turns out it doesn't take a magician, a genie in a bottle, or plastic surgery to make one's knee look like the giggly man. In fact, a simple rejiggering of the light and an altered stance can transform one's kneecap into anything! What artpop! What skill! Just think of all the different ways Jesus appears on burnt toast — and multiply that tenfold since skin is, you know, elastic.
Photo: via @fuckjerry.
miley_embed2Photo: REX USA/Mint Images; REX USA/Rex.
Look! One side-step to the left and Cyrus' knee transformed into a three-toed sloth! Very knee. Such transform. Wow. Science.

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