Drew Barrymore Loves Sweatpants, Hates Staying Out Late

1Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers.
It's only been three short weeks since she gave birth to her second daughter, Frankie, but Drew Barrymore is already back in work mode. The actress joined her Blended castmates to promote the movie's May 23 release, and the spotlight has been on the newly crowned mother of two. Naturally, that doesn't bother her at all — she's thrilled to bask in the baby bliss, and shared news about how the family is doing at Blended's recent press conference. "I couldn't be better," she said with a smile. "I'm really happy. Everything is just as good as it could possibly be."
Naturally, as with any new baby, there are plenty of hurdles to get through — the lack of sleep, in particular. Barrymore — who looked spectacularly rested for a new mom — joked with the room of reporters about her inability to tear herself away from her couch. "Because I've been pregnant for three years, I've been sitting on the couch in sweatpants eating takeout and watching a lot of TV," she said. "That makes me happy; I had a three-year love affair with food."
The lure of comfy clothes even kept Drew and husband, Will Kopelman, from making good on their plans for a big night out on Mother's Day. "I thought maybe we should do something special since that day means more to me than my birthday or Christmas or any other day of the year," she explained. "But, then it was sweatpants, Game of Thrones, takeout. We were just too tired!" She admitted this new routine is a far cry from her pre-baby life, and that she's gotten pretty comfortable with early bedtimes. "Now, I'm so mad if someone suggests, like, an 8 p.m. dinner reservation. That means we're not gonna eat until 8:30 or 9…forget it!"
More than anything else, motherhood seems to be bringing out the actress' emotional side. Like many movie fans, Drew looks for flicks that will make her laugh and cry. Blended sells itself as a slapstick comedy about two single parents (who happen to have just gone on the worst first date in history) thrown into a nightmare of a joint vacation, but it touches on several tearjerker themes about family relationships. One scene in particular, in which Drew's character helps Adam Sandler's daughter break out of her shell after the loss of her mother, put Drew over the edge. "That scene gets me every time," she said. "I can relate to it, because I had times in my life when I really needed a mom. I am now a mom myself and I'm going to be there for my kids. Moms are my Achilles' heel, emotionally speaking."
Although she's now found her happily ever after with her husband and daughters, she still appreciates that she didn't always have it that way. "Families aren't always man meets woman, and they have a kid and are married for 40 years," she mused. "Sometimes you have to find things along the way, and when you get a glimmer of hope that it might work, it's amazing."

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