Avril Lavigne Stands Sorta-Near Fans For $400

avrilembedPhoto: Courtesy of AvrilPhotos.com.
Even the controversy of her tone-deaf video for "Hello Kitty" couldn't keep Avril Lavigne's most ardent admirers away. The security guards, however, are another story.
During a recent meet-and-greet during her tour in Brazil, fans were given the opportunity to pay 800 reais (about $400 USD) to come sorta-close to the singer and take awkward photos, which were originally posted to Brazilian fan site AvrilPhotos.com. Ticket-holders were reportedly told by security guards to refrain from touching or hugging her. Some have suggested that the restrictions might have been due to the fact that Lavigne was assaulted by a fan in Brazil in 2011.
Nothing says you love your fans like standing a foot-and-a-half away from them and grimacing, right? It could hardly hurt Lavigne's popularity among the strange subset of humanity that still finds the Canadian emo-pop pixie endearing. In Tokyo, people reportedly loved her sugar-coated fever dream of Japanese clichés in "Hello Kitty."
Personally, I'm partial to the black metal version. Ka-ka-ka-kawaii. (Gawker)

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