Newly Single? 10 Ways To Redecorate Your Space, STAT

We showed you how to redecorate if you’re moving in together, but what happens if things go really south and you break up? Suddenly your love-nest feels like a battle zone, and every item in your apartment — his old socks, sappy photobooth pictures, that light fixture he installed — is a painful reminder of the past.
“I had one friend who went through a really traumatic breakup, and after her ex moved out, she slept on a friend’s couch for a month,” says interior designer, Danielle Arps. “They traveled a lot together, and their apartment was decorated with tons of art and souvenirs they had collected abroad. She could barely open the door without having a meltdown.”
We’ve all been there before. Of course, rule number one of any bad breakup? Stay busy. Now's the perfect time to rethink your space — whether it's tackling that forgotten DIY project or adding fresh paint. Refocusing your energy on a constructive project will keep your mind busy and allow you to focus on what makes you happy. Click through for 10 simple steps to decorate your place after a breakup.

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