Beyoncé's "Standing On The Sun" Just Dropped 365 Days Later

All right, Beyoncé, we see what you did here. Mrs. Carter kicked off 2013 with casual presidential inauguration ceremonies, a concert featuring the Super Bowl, and an H&M campaign. Said campaign featured a track that was pegged as her next single, "Standing On The Sun." The minute-and-some-odd seconds of island vibes was pure Queen Bey. But, then she embarked on an international tour and the promise of any single — let alone that album we were hoping for — slowly faded to the periphery. All we had to boogie to was a looped H&M commercial, which is cool but it's not as satisfying as a full-blown, rump-shaking track.
The turn-up function has officially arrived, though, dear readers. The track that, to the selfish dismay of some fans (looking at this author, specifically), never made it on her surprise visual album is here in full. And, with it comes summer, because a star who quite literally makes her own wind (what's up, wind machines?) has the power to change the seasons, too. (That's normal, right?) There's even a "Yoncé" reference.
Driver, bring us a margarita, please.

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