IRL Couples Who Defined Their Movies: A Definitive Ranking

Overshadowing is kind of a big deal in Hollywood. Let's just say that all of Tinseltown's players are looking for their time in the sun, and the same goes for movies. A flick's buzz is basically as important as actual box office success. Sometimes the buzz is due to factors like a big budget, or you know, the quality of the movie. But, often times people are talking for an entirely different reason: couples.
That's right, when costars hook up, it becomes tabloid fodder that we can't help but eat up, and for some movies, these romantic developments are just an added bonus of an already riveting film (see: Slumdog Millionaire). With others, the real-life couple is literally the only reason anyone is watching (read: Twilight).
Since we've spent the better part of this week completely captivated by Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man PDA, we decided to look back at some of the most memorable movie pairings. And, since we're all for some competition, we're rating each one based on how much its costars overshadowed the actual flick. Sorry, directors.

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