We Need To Talk About This Watermelon-Inspired Makeup

EmbedPhoto: Courtesy of Story by ModCloth.
Remember that long ago time (okay, last December) when eyelid art was kind of a thing? Well, hold on to your hats lids, kids, because it looks like this trend may have staying power. ModCloth has a new, watermelon-themed eye-makeup tutorial. And, the results, well...we're not exactly sure what to make of 'em.
Look, we're all for incorporating watermelon into beauty looks. Hell, the juicy fruit is basically synonymous with summer, and it looks great as nail art. Electric-pink shadow and green eyebrows, however? Adorable it may be, but this is clearly not made to be wearable. We wonder, is it even remotely translatable?
If you prefer to emphasize your lips, the site has you covered, too, with a watermelon-lips tutorial. The finished style looks exactly how it sounds like it would look: pink-and-green lips, speckled with black seeds. While we're head over heels for the pink color, we could do without the artistic additions. Also, that green is looking a bit like a very unfortunate soul patch.
ModCloth says both of these looks are "inspired by" watermelons, but they look pretty literal to us. There's a world of difference between a pink-and-green, smoky eye that is reminiscent of a watermelon and an all-out fruit salad on your eyes (and brows). Head over to ModCloth to check out more melon-inspired tutorials, and tell us — would you give some version of this look a whirl? (ModCloth)

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