Katy Perry Proves Katy Perry Is Weird In “Birthday” Video

Here's one way to ensure you'll go down in pop cultural history: make a birthday song. No matter how saccharine or silly it is, it's pretty much guaranteed to stay relevant at bars, house parties, and on voice messages forever.
In her latest video, Katy Perry is transformed into the world's worst birthday entertainers, dressing up in old-face, as a bad Jewish comedian, and a clown — playing on the tropes anyone who has ever attended a Bar Mitzvah might recognize. As "Last Friday Night" proved, Katy Perry likes to make herself as aesthetically awkward as possible in videos, but here, it's kinda sweet because she is making people happy on their birthdays by hamming it up. At the end, she only reveals herself to the little girls (when she is dressed as a more palatable princess), but that's probably because the elderly may not know who she is.
The point Katy Perry wants to make here is that she is a pretty weird pop star, and now you can commemorate your birthday with her weirdness. Right, Katy?

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