Ellen Page Wants To Rename Your Pets (Including Lena Dunham’s Dog)

1epopenerPhoto: Courtesy Twitter.
Okay, so your little Maltipoo only answers to the name "Princess Sparkles." But, if you had the chance to give the little ball of fur a new moniker conceived by a certain Oscar-nominated actress, you'd take it, right? Surely Princess Sparkles' confusion will pass eventually.
Proving that celebs really should be more careful about what they admit online, the utterly awesome Ellen Page has been inundated with pet-renaming requests this week. It all started when the X-Men: Days of Future Past star revealed over Twitter that she likes to give new names to her pals' dogs. Soon, a flurry of fans were sending in photos of their pups, cats, and even gerbils. Ever the good sport, Page handled each request, christening the animals with names like Freckles, Curtis, Lawrence, Laser, and Neve Campbell. Obviously, Spot and Fido are way too predictable.
Even singer Har Mar Superstar got in on the action, asking Page to give him a new name. Her pick? Troy. Bet he didn't see that one coming.
While we contemplate naming our future kid (or maybe pet goldfish) Ellen, click through to see Page's newly rebranded menagerie, including dogs owned by Kate Mara and Lena Dunham. (Today)

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