Beyoncé Reveals Her “Dreams” On A New Track

Another day, another Beyoncé track. BOOTS, the enigmatic producer behind a solid chunk of Bey's visual album, released a new song featuring the singer from his forthcoming project, WinterSpringSummerFall.
"Dreams" is a chilled-down, hazy love song. If we're going to put it in Beyoncé terms: this is the complement to "Rocket." It's the song of summer dazes. Beyoncé doesn't come in until the later part of the song, but the build-up is well worth it.
BOOTS' production is great, but, like Portlandia's bird obsession, putting a Beyoncé on it made it that much more special. She goes from wilting flower to smoldering temptress in a matter of bars. This, dear readers, is what "Dreams" are made of.

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