Watch Taylor Swift Give Her Biggest Fan The Surprise Of A Lifetime

We have to hand it to Taylor Swift's PR team. When one of the singer's handlers stumbled on a wedding invitation sent by one of her biggest fans, a brilliant publicity coup was recognized and seized. Or, at least that's how we think it went down.
Ms. Swift uploaded a video today in which she attends early supporter Gena Gabrielle's Ohio bridal shower. Perhaps Swift would like us to believe that she, in fact, opened the invite personally and, because she was unable to attend, decided to surprise Gabrielle at her prenuptial festivities instead. While this may have been the case, the singer must get hundreds of thousands of fan letters a year and wouldn't have had the time to sift through all of them, given her busy touring schedule. What likely happened was someone on her team saw the potential for a viral video that would also strengthen Swift's image, and they pitched the idea to their blonde boss, who then gave it the green light.
Regardless of the motives behind the visit, Swift did come bearing gifts, posed for the obligatory selfies with Gabrielle and her friends, and turned her fan's memorable day into a downright unforgettable one. Watch the Swiftian results below.

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