Passive-Aggressive Videos To Send Your Messy Roommate A Hint

Sometimes people act like they were raised by wolves. We don't know why. Maybe it's something in the water. Even our beloved roommates or significant others have moments where they forget innate human habits, like hanging up wet towels. They forget to use the coaster that's right in front of them or leave the toilet seat up. And, replacing the TP correctly? Some people were truly never taught.
But, now we can fight back. Method Cleaning supplies launched a series of cheeky, 15-second tutorials to remind our sloppy chums of a few basic courtesies. Told by a Frenchman (always a plus), the vids address all our top pet peeves; from forgotten hand-washing to left-behind kitty surprises. Now, if only they could tackle other pressing issues like leaving the Panda Puff cereal box empty.
They take on the dreaded floor laundry on page two.
Could you just listen to the narrator say "deeerty socks" all day? Us, too. Especially because he probably picks his up.
It's literally only two steps, guys.

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