Jaden Smith’s Twitter Is The Key To Tinder Success

jaden_embedPhoto: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
"Pay Attention," Jaden Smith, spawn of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, tweeted on March 31. And, of Smith's 5-million-plus Twitter followers, one person decided to heed the 15-year-old's advice. Samer Kalaf decided to see what happened when he used the digital-prophet-in-training's musings to communicate on Tinder.
Last December, Kalaf (a grown man, we should note) began using Smith's tweets exclusively to chat with the Tinder users he was matched with — caps and all. The "experiment [was] born from boredom," he wrote, and while many of his matches didn't respond, he felt enough did to call the project a success. Of those who took the bait, some didn't last past Smith's views on trees, while others found the non sequiturs to be alluring. One eager match couldn't tell whether Kalaf was trying to "fix" her, or if he was "interested" in her, but she was patient enough to wait it out for her existential Prince Charming. (Little did she know, she was being wooed with the help of a famous teen's random reflections.)
"People Hate What They Don't Understand," Smith tweeted in the past. "But Everything Can Be Understood." Yes, even the vast, cosmic power the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's son unknowingly has over anonymous Tinder members swiping right for a good time. Click through to read the full transcripts of the exchanges. (The Concourse)

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