Scandal Recap: Flesh & Blood

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During last week’s episode, Pope & Associates messed up. In a big way. Basically, they allowed a known terrorist to get access to the president. Oh, and said terrorist is in possession of a bomb. And, finally Olivia ended her love triangle…for now. But, in the world of Scandal, nothing stays constant for long. Here are tonight's moments that left us surprised, outraged, and yelling, "Really?" at our television:
Rowan got power again. Of course, he did. And, of course, Olivia is on his side. We aren't saying he has to be guilty, but the fact Olivia trusts Rowan without hesitation is just too much.
It's the anniversary of his death. The last big secret to be revealed is that Big Jerry raped Mellie. And, naturally this episode was set on the anniversary of Big Jerry's death. So, right now we think the secret is going to be revealed.
Papa Pope. Good job, Harrison. That is what we call him, too.
Oh, Leo. You had a girl seduce Baby Jerry to find out his paternity? How did Leo find out about the rape? Or did he, like Olivia, think that Baby Jerry is the vice president's? And, wow, you just gave Mellie a very backhanded compliment, Olivia.
David really should stop playing games. He is never prepared. He continually takes on men that have a bit more experience than him. And, it doesn't work out in his favor. He really thought it was a good idea to try and take down B613?
"The only man your mother ever loved." Seriously, no one seems to love their spouse on this show. But, can Maya actually love anyone? No, apparently not.
And, the love triangle never ends. Seriously, Olivia can never get rid of Jake...or Fitz. When will she realize that neither of them deserve her? She is not her mother. In order to protect her lovers, she should just let go. She shouldn't sacrifice a lover, just like her mother did.
"I love him." It is so rare to hear anyone on this show be honest. It is nice to hear Olivia admit that she loves Fitz more than she loves Jake. But, honestly, we would pick Scott Foley.
Normally reunions are cute. Yet, Charlie, Huck, and Quinn having some weird B613 reunion makes us uncomfortable. Seriously, Charlie, freaks us out. He is the most controlling boyfriend/stalker, and we are ready for him to go.
Pope parent reunion. Of course, Mama Pope tries to kill Rowan. And, thank you, Jake for being good.
Goodbye, Sally. And Andrew. And Leo. We should miss you. But, honestly Mama Pope is a better foil to, well, is there a good character? Wait, we don't get to find out who dies? Will Rowan, Harrison, Leo, Sally, or Andrew make it to the next season? Well, next week's season finale will be great. Or, at the very least, revealing.

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