Why You Might Want To Rethink Moving In Together

Moving_InPhotographed by Eva K. Salvi.
For many couples, moving in seems like a no-brainer. Half the rent and expenses, a big bump in cuddle time — what's not to love? Yes, you might get sick of each other when confined to the same set of walls constantly. But, when you're at that nauseatingly adorable stage in your relationship when spending every waking second with someone still isn't enough, this seems like a risk worth taking.
Unfortunately for blissfully coupled people everywhere, a new study, sponsored by Rent.com and conducted by an online research firm, presents a far less rosy picture. The responses from 1,000 married or cohabitating renters around the country suggest that those thinking about shacking up with their S.O. might want to think a little harder.
While 27% of respondents reported moving in with someone within the first six months of their relationship, only 7% would recommend playing house so quickly. Predictably, though, the study showed that the biggest problems faced by co-living couples are caused by a lack of pre-move communication. For example, cleanliness was cited as the biggest hurdle, perhaps because only 11% of respondents said they discussed the division of household duties prior to moving in. And, while cohabitating renters definitely got their wish of more couple time, many found that it came at the expense of their social lives — 63% said they rarely have a night out with their friends, sans partner.
Of course, the study was sponsored by Rent.com, and could very well have had the goal of convincing us all to keep seeking out solo pads. Still, if you're thinking about merging households any time soon, these issues still have the potential to poison your love-nest down the line. If nothing more, it might be worth a discussion at dinner tonight — if you can take a break from staring into each other's eyes and exchanging butterfly kisses long enough to talk.

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