Blame Lindsay Lohan If “Quiche” Becomes A Thing

rexusa_1837121jPhoto: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
If you've overheard the word "quiche" popping up in conversations not about lunch, Lindsay Lohan is likely responsible. Anyone who follows the actress turned reality star on any one of her many social-media outlets will notice she's been using the word to describe anything she loves (Soho!) or hates (winter!).
The word is irritating in the same way that cool-descriptor "fetch" was after it was popularized in Lohan's breakout hit Mean Girls. But, Lohan isn't entirely at fault for this linguistic monstrosity. It first emerged in its new iteration in Aussie comic Chris Lilley's high school satire Private School Girl. Lohan has professed her undying admiration for Lilley's show, in which the main character Ja'mie uses "quiche" whenever she thinks something is cool.
Don't get us wrong. Lilley's work is definitely worth checking out and deserves more than the cult admiration it's received on this side of the hemisphere. But, it's satire, and the moment "quiche" becomes part of our youth's everyday lexicon, well then Private School Girl goes from parody to prophecy. Hopefully, we're overestimating Lohan's linguistic clout, and "quiche" goes back to describing the three-day-old pastry you shove in your purse so as to not offend your grandmother. (The Cut)

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