Sigourney Weaver Joins Prometheus 2 — Is It A Prequel To Alien?

sigembedPhoto: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Sci-fi priestess Sigourney Weaver looks set to join the cast of Prometheus 2. Though we don't know to what extent she'll feature in the Ridley Scott epic, we do know that she will reprise her role as Ellen Ripley, the genre-crushing protagonist from the Alien franchise.
Time travel is rumored to be a crucial element, of course. Within ongoing speculation about where Prometheus fits into the Alien chronology, this news could clarify a few possibilities. Meaning Prometheus 2 could be a prequel to the whole iconic series — a bombshell for the story arc of, yes, the best space-fantasy film ever. (Fourth best, according to The Guardian, but we demur.)
"The connection to the Alien franchise is getting the film fast-tracked, and the studio hopes to win back fans jaded by the tenuous connections in the first film," Fangoria quotes a source close to the film. "Bringing on Sigourney all but seals the deal, and she’s currently the only other person I can confirm outside of Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender for Prometheus 2." The source also claimed that Weaver, now 64, is upping her fitness game to prepare for her reinstated role.
It turns out we may have to wait a while to get a clear picture of what's going on with Scott's next flick. As of November, Fassbender confirmed that the film was delayed until at least 2015, due to scripting issues. (Fangoria)

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