Winter Has Never Been Hotter: The Definitive Ranking Of Game Of Thrones‘ Sexiest Characters

Game of Thrones isn't just the most compelling series on television, it's also the sexiest. The show's casting directors have managed to cultivate an eclectic group of multi-generational thespians who have serious acting chops and who've apparently hit the genetic lotto, too.
The characters on the show are so distractingly gorgeous, that we sometimes wish they would take a break from slitting each other's throats and just hang out on a beach sipping daiquiris. Imagine Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister playing a game of life-sized chess together, while Cersei and Tyrion get deep-tissue massages on the sand. Wouldn't you love to see a sun-drenched Khaleesi in a lounge chair flipping through a Bauhaus coffee table book, while Ygritte polishes off a fish taco? Then, as the sun begins to set, they gather by a bonfire, Theon strums the guitar, and they all ruminate about how perfect the universe is.
Unfortunately, the universe isn't perfect. There are wars, and killer ice zombies, and red weddings. But, if you're going to have to navigate through all that muck, you might as well look good doing it. Here are the ones that do it best.

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