Beyoncé’s Hairstylist Gives Us Her Best Festival-Beauty Tips

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Kim Kimble is Beyoncé's hairstylist, which means she knows her way around a good head of hair. But, Queen Bey doesn't just have gorgeous locks; she has gorgeous locks that undergo frequent, rapid-fire changes. What's more, her hair is the perfect combination of edgy and glamorous, with an effortless vibe that's actually really hard to achieve.
So, not to make Beyoncé's hair about ourselves, but...effortless, edgy, glam hair is exactly the look we're going for this festival season. That's why we went ahead and asked Kimble about it. How do we get this look when we're at a festival with limited resources, and how do we make it last?
Kimble's most basic rule for festival-hair success is to plan ahead. Sure, it's not hard to arrive to the festival with perfect mermaid locks, but we know all too well that as soon as we start to have fun, our hair game goes out the window. To make sure we keep our coiffs in check while also maintaining that super-important effortless vibe, Kimble recommends packing the following things: "Good, strong bobby pins, a great dry shampoo, and a texturizing wax." Between these three things, Kimble says we should be able to either put it all up, refresh the look, and/or create a lived-in, wavy style.
And, if all else fails, "Any sort of braid will instantly make your hair look good again," Kimble says. "Whether it's just adding a braid to your style or doing a braided headband."
As with most things in life, we can learn a lot from how Beyoncé does it. For shows and video shoots, Kimble plans Beyoncé's hair changes — sometimes as many as nine changes in one day — strategically. "I start with her hair down as a foundation," she says. "I don't put it up until the very end, because it's hard to get it to look good down after that." So, for festivals, putting it up should be a last resort unless you're ready to commit.
Once you are ready to commit to the braid or updo situation you've created, Kimble says to never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned hairspray. "No girl should ever go without hairspray," she says. Kimble is particularly fond of Pantene's Extra Strong Hold Hairspray.
To prevent sweat from ruining your look, Kimble recommends choosing a hairstyle that will still look good once the sweat hits it — back to that theme of planning ahead. "If your hair gets curly when it's damp, don't go for something sleek and silky. Do something with texture so that if the curls come back, you have a style that will fit that occasion, too."
For creative updo inspiration, check out our most recent braid DIY. And, let us know your tricks for festival-hair perfection.

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