How To Set Up A Work Space That Actually Inspires You

These days, it's rare to meet someone whose profession doesn't involve sitting in front of a computer for eight (or more) hours straight. And, speaking as those who have logged more hours than most in the soft glow of their desktops, we know just how horrible it is to work in an uninspiring and clunky setup — and just how wonderful it is to work in a beautiful and efficient one. AYR is a digital retailer that knows a thing or two about streamlined aesthetics, and it's a company that revolves around timeless basics that are as stunning as they are simple. However, its own work space hadn't really been gelling with its philosophy, until recently.
The small office houses eight employees who perform a variety of tasks that require more than just a desk and swivel chair. So, to help outfit the area, AYR tapped masters of modern efficiency CB2. Click through to check out how the teams collaborated on a space that really worked for work, and scope out some clever takeaways from CB2 that you can adopt for your own setup. Inspiring, right?
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