Jennifer Connelly Talks Noah's Controversies

If you've been following entertainment news lately, you know that there's a huge movie coming out tomorrow. Darren Aronofsky's epic recreation of the story of Noah is finally hitting theaters — and, when we say epic, we really mean it. We're talking a life-size ark, sweeping shots of apocalyptic floods, and fight scenes that rival even the craziest parts of 300.
As to be expected, a movie of this magnitude — and subject matter — isn't without its controversies. Groups from the religious right have spoken out against the flick and the liberties that Aronofsky took with the story. In fact, Noah's trailers even feature a biblical disclaimer noting that artistic license has been taken. But, regardless of the contention, it's still a pretty awesome film, especially if you like heart-pounding action.
We sat down with Jennifer Connelly, who plays Noah's wife Naameh, about taking on such a legendary role. She spilled the beans about filming a movie of this proportion, and what it was like to confront the controversy head-on.

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