Get Weird With Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Chelsea Peretti

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In case you haven't heard, Chelsea Peretti is really funny. So, it should come as no surprise that when we asked her about her role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she hit us with plenty of jokes and one-liners. Ahead, we catch up with Peretti on all things comedy. And, trust, we're crossing out the word "comedienne" from our dictionaries.

Your hair looks good all the time. What's that about? How do you do that?
"Thank you! I blow dry then tease and spray at the root and curl around a tapered wand, using protective spray. Then hairspray the whole thing to stay. I also splurge on shampoo and conditioner. Yet I still have bad hair days sometimes no matter what. When I let it dry naturally I feel like I look like I'm in a metal band. Was that thorough enough? LMK."


What do you prefer: acting or writing?
"I like both. People always want to make me choose, but you WILL NEVER, EVER — I guess acting."

You're the queen of Twitter. What makes a good tweet?
"I like short, easy to read tweets that feel like they were dashed off in a hurry or in a fit of inspiration. I don't like super belabored tweets — they feel against the spirit of fun."

How would you describe your comedy style? How would you describe your personal style?
"Comedy style: I'm probably considered to be a lot like a mystic and a Sherpa. Personal style: 'Supermodel on her downtime' OR stained sweatpants."

Which comedians inspire you? Any key influencers?
"My primary influencer is god."

Which BuzzFeed quizzes have you taken?
"I took my first one yesterday. It was 'Which Comedy Queen Are You?' I got Tina Fey."

What's your relationship like with Andy Samberg?
"Dope. He taught me how to do speedballs and we are both members of a violent gang"

If you weren't an office administrator on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which character would you want to be on the show?
"Probably Hitchcock and Scully."

What's the funniest thing you've read about yourself on the Internet that's not true?
"Almost nothing untrue is funny due to Charna Halpern’s Truth in Comedy TM."

What's something that happened to you in real life that you later turned into a sketch?
"Nick Kroll once was telling me about his sleep problems the night before and I asked him 'Did you try telling yourself this story?' It wound up in my half hour special."


What advice would you give a budding comedienne?
"Go by 'comedian.'"

What projects can we expect from you in the future?
"I hope to run a high-security insane asylum."

The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday, March 25 at 9:30 p.m. EDT on FOX.

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